Bárbara Cevasco the Emotion Artist2015


International Fine Art

Cannes Biennale

18-19 May 2016

Organized by MAMAG Modern Art Museum

Palais Stephanie/JW Marriott Cannes/

Boulevard de la Croisette 


Schloss Hubertendorf

MAMAG Modern Art Museum & PAKS Gallery 

"Art of the 21th century"


Collective Exhibition

Espacio Cultural Abierto

"Cuatro visiones de la realidad"


September/ October 2016

If one day I have nothing to say with my works, I'll stop.

This is how this extraordinary artist conceives her artistic experience closely linked to a vital reflection on itself that transcends fears and doubts to become a metaphysical and spiritual walk that redeems and frees a personal catharsis that is visible to everyone and flowing his paintings to sculptures naturally.

We see the figures move in sidereal atmospheres sliding on experiences that are part of our existence and contaminate the essence. The result is a slow and courageous dialogue, a dialogue of equals with their own pain that lasts until it vanishes and ceases to be an obstacle to the reunion with her I cleansed and purified, connected in perfect harmony with the universe, with the Whole of which we are part and at the same time makes us and move on.

Thus, pain and darkness light and beauty that feeds the essence of his own being and that are embodied in his paintings, sculptures and modeled counted in his poems emerge.

Miguel Domínguez

Director of Rio Creative Art Center

Marga Barrero

Exihibition Commissioner