"It´s like going down into a dark well ...

and returning with a  bucket  full of  light"

In 2013 she exhibits her first collection in Madrid with other plastic artists.

Later she presents her first solo exhibition "7 steps to find Myself" : A journey through seven states of Being and the evolution of ourselves through paintings".

Bárbara understands art as an emotional journey from the inside out and expresses it through painting and sculpting.

When she feels strong inclination towards drawing and starts drawing everything around her, mostly charcoal and pencil drawings in a self-taught way.

At her arrival in Madrid in 2001, surrounded by  huge Spanish artistic heritage, her need of expressing herself through art grew. She draws everything that catches her eye in her sketch book and finally decides to start her own artistic path taking classes in different techniques, such as professional drawing, watercolor, oil, acrylic, etching and comic.

In 2011, on a solitary trip to France she was tremendously attracted to the sculptures she found on every corner of Paris and she returned to Madrid with the firm intention of diving into the world of sculpture. At Kroom Academy she discovers the possibility of capturing emotions in 3D and is at that moment when she develops a passion for sculpting.

Bárbara Cevasco is an Argentinian plastic artist who at the age of eighteen starts to discover the art in paintings and is impactacted with surrealism and the esthetic beauty of Salvador Dalí. Other big influences are Gustav Klimt's feminine paintings and Frida Khalo's strength.

" In each piece I try to merge art and metaphysics  and everything that has a say in the relationship between God and Human beings, our capacity of recovering and healing ourselves in the face of obstacles ( opportunities ) that life brings us in order to learn to be better people"

All my work is inevitably related to the personal moment I'm going through. It allows me to capture an emotion until turning it into a 3 dimentional piece, a three dimensional piece. I feel this is my way of naming spiritual states, pouring it outside myself and ending it, closing a cicle. When I finish a piece, something finishes inside me"

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